Knockalong SOLD

The intergenerational changes in our family has resulted in our need to sell this property, ”Knockalong”.  We wish the new owners all the very best and hope that they receive the same pleasure that we have had from the property in our time there.

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The property as a whole has an area of 1573 hectares (3887 acres) and has a carrying capacity of 3100dse (dry sheep equivalent).

The property has a steep to undulating form with grasslands and open timbered country. Ideally suited for  fine to medium Merino wool production.  There are also bush areas. Conservation and the reestablishment of native trees and grass species has been the focus in recent years. Supporting biodiversity is the key to sustainability and at the same time offers an all Australian lifestyle with diverse bird and animal life.

The property has an extensive Keyline water managements system for water transfer and irrigation and as such a very secure water supply.

The property is situated three hours from the snowfields and just over two hours from the coast.

The district offers diverse wilderness landscapes from the temperate rainforests of Erinundra to the dramatic granite bolder ridden gorges of the Quidong (Delegate) and Snowy Rivers.

The weatherboard homestead (1963), designed by Rix Wright, has a split level, open plan design with timber floors. It has a floor area of 132 m2 and comprises of three bedrooms (all with inbuilt wardrobes), a bathroom and a laundry (with shower & toilet), an open-plan Living/Dining and Kitchen area and a recreation room.

Connected to the mains power is a 1kw solar panel grid-connect system (2kw inverter). There is a 30-evacuated tube/315 liter hot water system and a satellite internet connection. A large “Clean air” slow combustion wood heater is installed in the living room as well as Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) heaters. Warm air can be transferred from the living room to bedroom 1 via a fan forced ducting system. Two ceiling fans are installed. The ceiling cavity has also been fully insulated.  The house is wired so as to be connected to a generator if the need arises.



















The house has access to 160,000 liters of drinking water. There is an extensive landscaped garden which includes four ponds and the garden water is connected to dam water (30 megaliters). There is also a grey-water diversion system installed.


The 4-stand woolshed can house 700 full-wool sheep and has a set of timber sheep yards with an adjoining plunge dip.






There is a 3-bay machinery shed (14 x 9 meters) with solar panels installed and is connected to an inverter for 240v lighting. There is a 4-bay car port  (12 x 6m) and a meat safe & store room building (3 x 4m). both with power & lighting.  A service ramp has just been built as well. Grain silos of 50m3  &  8m3  Eight hundred meters from the homestaed is a 9000m2 stock containment area for sheep with water connected and a feeding area.


















We are also prepared to sell in another form to cater for the varying needs of buyers, where the property is divided into three blocks.

1)      The homestead block of 233 hectares (576 acres) has the potential to produce more than $20,000 of product enabling a business to take full advantage of the governments’ tax benefits. It’s carrying capacity is 715dse. The majority of building infrastructure exists on this block and includes a 4-stand woolshed and sheep yards, machinery shed, 4-bay carport, store room/meat safe and the homestead.

2)      The High Country block in the south lies at an altitude of 800 to 1070 meters above sea level and is 1065 hectares (2632 acres) in area. It’s carrying capacity is 1765dse. It has views of Mt Kosciusko, is undulating to steep in form and has the greatest area of native forest that host a diverse variety of native fauna & Flora. The high native animal population includes echidnas, black & red-necked wallabies, kangaroos and wombats and diverse bird life including lyrebirds and a number of threatened species. It has a shelter shed and timber sheep yards as well as a set of timber cattle yards.  It also has four of the large irrigation dams.

3)      The third block lies to the west, it is mostly cleared of trees, has new plantation areas with earth water diversion channels, it  is newly subdivided into 8 paddocks and has an undulating land form. It’s area is 275 hectares (680 acres) and it has a carrying capacity of 670dse. 

If the need for subdivisions arises then each block will be guaranteed access via “track in use”, surveyed at the cost to the conveyor.

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Those interested in making more detailed inquiries are requested to contact our sales agent Stewart Lee of 144 Maybe St., Bombala NSW 2632, Phone/Fax 02 6458 3558,  Mob. 0438 396 698